Welcome to my Aromatherapy World!

Carole Berg provides functional, holistic wellness coaching through Aromatherapy. After studying the amazing healing properties of plants for more than 1200 hours, Carole is excited to share her knowledge of the extraordinary essences plants produce with others who want to live a life of vitality and wellness! Having loved and cultivated plants throughout her lifetime, her knowledge base of plant therapy using essential oils has culminated in her ability to coach others in the functional use of these lovely, aromatically healing gifts from nature.
She wants to share her Aromatherapy world with you through her products at Wonderful Aroma!

One of the uses of aromatherapy is to strengthen the self-healing processes by preventative methods and indirect stimulation of the immune system.  Working with inhalation and topical application of true, authentic essential oils from aromatic plants helps to restore or enhance health, beauty, and well-being. 

Having toxic-free cleaning products so we can breathe while we clean was one of the first lines of products developed. You will find that my concentrated cleaner is effective and inexpensive. I use it for cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, floors, and my son-in-law uses it to clean his barbecue! Try it as a daily shower spray to keep your shower sparkling between cleanings (and you won't have to clean it as much).

All of my produces are made from certified organic ingredients wherever possible, or wildcrafted if not. Why organic?  Essential oils consist of the smallest molecules, called isoprene units, that enter our bodily systems.  That is why they are able to break through the blood brain barrier to enter the furthest most regions of our brain, the hypothalamus and amagdala to help us recall memories, calm our anxieties, change our nervous worries, and heal our bodies.

 All of my products assist in making your world calming and uplifting and enjoyable, thereby eliminating stress in your everyday world.

Respect for plants and herbs for their contribution to our planet, and knowing how to turn that respect into products that help us in our everyday lives has been of interest to medicine women since the beginning of time. The products I create have made such a positive impact on me and my loved ones by increasing our wellness and reducing the aches and pains of normal everyday living. From the muscle aches of sports activities to nerve pain from injuries; from stress and anxiety to sleep issues; from the everyday cuts and bruises to the thinning of hair and skin issues that aging brings on; and from the symptoms of a cold to a multitude of virus complications, my products have alleviated most of these common conditions in our family's world.

Entrepreneurship has been in my family for generations and has been a part of my life since childhood. Developing an Etsy shop was a natural consequence of being an Aromatherapist for me.

I am a small business person hoping to coach you and your dog partners in your holistic wellness through Aromatherapy.

I am not involved in any direct marketing organizations pushing essential oils.

I am a Registered Aromatherapist through the Aromatherapy Registration Council (ARC) which you can learn about here: http://aromatherapycouncil.org/?page_id=195.
I am certified and a Master Aromatherapist with a Diploma in Aromatherapy Master Aromatherapist (Dip.Aroma) through the American College of Healthcare Sciences which you can learn about here: https://achs.edu/program/diploma-aromatherapy-master-aromatherapist-online-dip-aroma
I am a member of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy which you can access here: http://www.naha.org/

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